Wordz Only approaches, my first public reading of my fiction

Words don't come easy

Wordz Only is a spoken word event held in Busan every six weeks(ish). People talented in the whimsical ways and wonders of words expose their innermost selves to a captive audience. This Saturday night brings about the 33rd incarnation of the event. I went to the last one as a listener, and I was daunted. There was so much talent on display, so much raw emotion. Within the pleasant confines of Cafe Radio, I experienced angers, joys, tribulations, ecstasies, and tragedies as conveyed by many truly talented wordsmiths. I thought to myself, “I will join these people.”

Me. With no degree related to ways of literature or creative writing. Me, armed only with the various tidbits gleaned from workshops, writing courses, and hours of reading and listening to audiobooks. I have the gumption to think I belong among these people unleashing true talent upon the world.

A writer’s got to start somewhere, aye that’s my defence. An amateur who has tried to deny his writing muse, I have at last come out of that great Egyptian river. I choose instead to immerse myself in fiction, revel in creativity, and celebrate every second of my raw amateurishness whilst I can still be called a hopeful beginner!

I will write, and I will share it. It won’t always be good, but it will be as good as I can make it at the time. And I will always appreciate listeners and readers who take the time to show their interest in my work. Even, nay especially, when they tear it down and show me what’s wrong with it!

Anyway, I had a friend check out what I want to share. He liked it, and suggested some great changes which I have until Saturday to make! I may not have the chance to check those changes with somebody before my turn at the open mike comes, but whatever is there on the paper is what I will read. I’m not about to let my inner critic tear this away – he’s taken away enough of me, that bastard.

The show will go on – time for me to get editing and then get on with it.



Wordz Only on Facebook

Busan Haps interview with its founder, Kenneth “K” May.

Every Day Fiction – A new favourite flash site

I’m gonna get this blog rolling with a look at a site that’s recently entered my favourites, Every Day Fiction.

They do exactly what they say – publish a short story every day, under 1000 words in length. You can read these on the site, or have them sent to your inbox. Submissions are open, and it is a paying market. They pay $3 per submission, with the possibility for stories to be put into regular e-book anthologies later on.

The site allows visitors to rate and comment on stories on the site, and do not require any signups. Stories are posted in a very clear and easy-to-read format – the site looks great on my home PC and my Galaxy Note.

I’ve only been using the site for a week, but so far, I really appreciate the layout, format, and the talent expressed in the published stories.

They boast a friendly staff and editing team, though I haven’t yet put this to the test! I will send them my work soon enough, then I’ll be sure to come back and post about the submission process and their feedback.

I’ll be using this site both as a place to submit my work, and as a source for flash that I will analyze on this blog.

Every Day Fiction

Blogging about writing, blogging to ensure writing

This blog is dedicated to my creative writing. I will share some of my works here, and detail my efforts at getting my stories written and published.

The main point is to keep myself writing, and if this encourages you to do the same, excellent!

My main tasks in keeping this site going:

  • Share writing prompts that I find on the internet, and share some of my own attempts at following the prompts.
  • Detail my efforts to get my flash fiction and short fiction written and published.
  • Share some of my flash and short works here, for free!
  • Analyze & review short pieces that I find on the internet.
  • Review flash writing resources and markets.
  • Post some personal info and anecdotes (but not too much or too often)
  • Occasionally round up the best, weirdest, and funniest links I come across

So join me as I keep my writing in gear and blog about the great writing I find on the net!