Blogging about writing, blogging to ensure writing

This blog is dedicated to my creative writing. I will share some of my works here, and detail my efforts at getting my stories written and published.

The main point is to keep myself writing, and if this encourages you to do the same, excellent!

My main tasks in keeping this site going:

  • Share writing prompts that I find on the internet, and share some of my own attempts at following the prompts.
  • Detail my efforts to get my flash fiction and short fiction written and published.
  • Share some of my flash and short works here, for free!
  • Analyze & review short pieces that I find on the internet.
  • Review flash writing resources and markets.
  • Post some personal info and anecdotes (but not too much or too often)
  • Occasionally round up the best, weirdest, and funniest links I come across

So join me as I keep my writing in gear and blog about the great writing I find on the net!

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