Every Day Fiction – A new favourite flash site

I’m gonna get this blog rolling with a look at a site that’s recently entered my favourites, Every Day Fiction.

They do exactly what they say – publish a short story every day, under 1000 words in length. You can read these on the site, or have them sent to your inbox. Submissions are open, and it is a paying market. They pay $3 per submission, with the possibility for stories to be put into regular e-book anthologies later on.

The site allows visitors to rate and comment on stories on the site, and do not require any signups. Stories are posted in a very clear and easy-to-read format – the site looks great on my home PC and my Galaxy Note.

I’ve only been using the site for a week, but so far, I really appreciate the layout, format, and the talent expressed in the published stories.

They boast a friendly staff and editing team, though I haven’t yet put this to the test! I will send them my work soon enough, then I’ll be sure to come back and post about the submission process and their feedback.

I’ll be using this site both as a place to submit my work, and as a source for flash that I will analyze on this blog.

Every Day Fiction

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