One-Minute Writing Prompt – Your Town

I stopped by the One-Minute Writer blog today, and I figured – why not?

The prompt for November 6 is: “Why do you live in the city you do? If you don’t have a choice (say, you’re underage and your parents picked it) what do you like about where you live?”

Edit: Here’s my slightly revised version:

I found my heart here, along winding trails and among the forests and mountains. The minute I held her hand, I know that these valleys would serve as the nesting place for our new love. Our hearts grow together in our many hikes and wanderings.

The original is still in the comments under the prompt on One-Minute Writer.

Pretty sure this site will be one of my frequent stops around the web – I love the concept and the contests they have.

One comment on “One-Minute Writing Prompt – Your Town

  1. Megan says:

    The One-Minute Writer is one of my favorite stumble upons too! I only came across it about a month ago but the prompts and contests are really top-knotch!
    Can’t wait to be reading more from you! 🙂

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