A short reflection on writing and this blog

Just came out of a bad weekend – it’s just no fun with everyone sick. Our colds, and the chilly weather, kept us all inside. I think we all came down with cabin fever, and we definitely need to get out once we recover.

But hey, one of my tags at this here blog says “No Excuses”. It’s important to write every day – even if it is just for a few minutes. Once I realized that I really, deeply wanted to be a writer, it became all the more important to keep writing, no matter what.

One really great side-effect of constant writing for me was improved communication with my wife and my co-workers. Writing things out seems to defragment my mind and make it easier to speak my thoughts. I share some of that writing on this blog, even writing that I’ll readily admit isn’t that good, with the hope that readers will eventually see improvement in my skills, and realize that they can similarly improve theirs.

To any reading this – keep writing. Keep sharing. You’ll have a lot of writing that isn’t very good, sure, but you’ll occasionally hit on something brilliant. And yes, oh yes, it is definitely worth all those hours just to get a few precious gems.

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