More One-Minute Writing, and a Friday Flash Fiction contest entry

Over at One-Minute Writer, a Friday Flash Fiction Contest came up, along with prompts for Saturday and Sunday.

I e-mailed in my entry for the Contest – I won’t share that just yet. I liked the prompt, “Conversation Piece”, and I think I got a nice 800(ish) word piece out of it. With a bit of polishing, I think I could get it published on one of my other favorite Flash Fiction sites if it doesn’t win this contest.

Saturday’s prompt was simply “I don’t know” – and since I tackled it just after waking up, you get this response:

Where do dreams come from? Those ephemeral visions that play out through my mind in the hours of subconsciousness. Often pieces of stories jumbled into nonsense, but sometimes with narrative strands complete with climaxes and resolutions.

If I can remember long enough, I can understand what waking events led to some elements. Most parts are a complete mystery, pieced together by some deeply hidden facet of my sleeping mind.

Alas, as the dreams fade with the creeping in of sunlight, “I don’t know” is all that remains.

Sunday’s prompt was “Book”, and challenged the writer to describe a favorite childhood book. I wrote:

A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse to Me. What a great name for a book, and what wonderful flights of nonsense it bore for my childhood. I read that book far more than any other, almost from the moment I could read. I can still remember two bits from it.

The title poem, about some poor bloke minding his own business and poof, he’s a post for some brute’s horse. The other was a bit about the Slithergadee, a sea monster terrorizing a beach full of cartoon animals. One confident rabbit says, “No you won’t catch me, old Slithergadee. You may catch all the others but you wo-” Great way to end a poem for kids!

Shortly after writing this, I discovered that the above poem was from none other than Shel Silverstein! The book A Great Big Ugly Man … is no longer in print, sadly. Old copies of it circulate, and they are not cheap – especially not if I order from here in Korea. Still, I may break down and splurge on it for my kids. It is a really funny and memorable book!

2 comments on “More One-Minute Writing, and a Friday Flash Fiction contest entry

  1. triciaorr says:

    Hi there, Write, or Else! Write Orr Else here! Good to find your blog. You have some thoughtful posts here that I look forward to spending more time mulling over as they are definitely mull-worthy.

    • TCC Edwards says:

      Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you – I wanted to ask you something.

      You had registered before I came along, and you’ve got a fair bit of work out under that name. I honestly didn’t know your site existed before I made mine.

      I searched for “Write or else” on google, came with a Pintrest page and a few other places, but no writing blogs using that as their main identification.

      When you contacted me, I thought that I could make my page and identity distinct from yours, despite the similarity.

      It isn’t to late for me to change from writeorelse to something else (“TCC Edwards’ Write Or Else?” – I have to think a bit). Now that I’ve got a piece on Every Day Fiction coming out on January 10, I’m about to get a bit of traffic.

      My site is at now, and I wouldn’t want to be accused of “typosquatting” or trying to feed off people looking for your site.

      I’d like to know how you feel. Do you see a conflict here?

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