The PEST Method – reblogged from Alex Shvartman’s Speculative Fiction

As I work fervently on more short works to send to publishers, it becomes more important for me to know where to send them.

There are many, many options available on the internet, especially for Science Fiction and Fantasy. How is an author to choose?

The PEST Method is all about making that choice. Prestige, Exposure, Speed, and Terms – How well known is the venue? How many people read it? How quickly do they give you some kind of answer? What do they want to do with your story, and how long will they keep the rights to do that?

Alan Shvartsman goes over how he selects venues for his own work. It’s easy to understand and nicely written, so I recommend going over it.

I think I’ll take his advice and try my luck with speculative work with Science Fiction & Fantasy or the other Big Ones. I like that he recommended Every Day Fiction – that boosts my confidence in the piece of mine that’s sitting in slush there.