Reflections on Busy Life and Excuses

Wow, it’s been over a week since I posted. Funny how things like this blog start with phrases like “No excuses” and grim determination. Yeah, last weekend was a busy one, with trips to take and family to care for. Final exams approach for my students, and I’ve been out to meetings and parties for American Thanksgiving. Lots of good excuses, huh?

Life will always be like that. I have to understand that – everyone has to. I won’t really be much less busy “later” than I am right now. Even if I am, sleep is something I have to be prepared to give up if my writing is to go anywhere.

Discipline is the drive to keep working, keep writing or whatever it is you like to do, no matter how messed up and busy life has become. Writing should be as much a part of life as driving to work, spending time with family, and exercising. It has to fit in with everything else – it can’t be something that immediately gets pushed to the side.

This is a huge problem for me – I still think of writing as something I can only do when “everything else is finished”. What I have to realize is that “everything else” will never ever be finished. One task done leads to another task that has to follow.

Readers, I’d like to know – how do you keep going with your side projects or hobbies that you hope to cultivate into greater works?