Happy 2014 – Time for resolutions!

Time for Resolutions!

(Also posted as a response to the One-Minute Writer’s post for December 31)

Yup, time to use a completely arbitrary denotation of time to state vows that could be made any freaking time. Okay, so what the heck – here are my goals for 2014.

First and foremost is to publish the material I’ve been holding back from this blog. These are works of fiction that I want to see in the likes of Daily Science Fiction, but I doubt I’ll wait to see if they pass slush anywhere else – I want to try them on Smashwords, Amazon, and anywhere else I can self-publish.

One of these is currently in slush with Every Day Fiction, another is with Flash Fiction Online. I’ll see what each venue says. I’ve got 4 others at the same level of completion now – I’ll send them in to Daily Science Fiction first. DSF has a nice quick turn-around, and a nicely-worded automated rejection letter that doesn’t hurt my poor ego too much. Any that don’t get accepted there get revised and put into an e-book anthology that I’ll make nice and cheap.

Beyond that? Keep writing, but also start running my own prompts and writing exercises here on this blog. I had intended from the start for this blog to have resources as well as samples of my growth as a writer – time to get those resources out to the public!

Further ahead? I have to finish a novel. I’ve got two (very) rough drafts from NaNoWriMo in 2011 and 2012 – I need to either revise one, or embark on a new one and get it DONE.

Can’t say much about any further than that – I think those resolutions will be hard enough!

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