A good kick in the butt – Harsh truths that make you better

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

by David Wong, Cracked.com

The gist: “If you know you want to do something, DO IT.”

I didn’t. For years, I knew I liked writing, and I didn’t. I told myself I couldn’t, it was too hard, I’m not smart enough, etc., etc.

People around me changed, accomplished things, and were proud. I accomplished things too, but there was the one thing I didn’t do anywhere nearly enough of. Then, by chance, I met other writers. Accomplished writers. Writers with even just one piece published – that was one more than I had.

I saw this article last year, and I thought “Why in the hell am I not writing?”

That thought process led me here, to this blog. It’s better for me to be here, sharing, stumbling along, than not doing it.

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