Wednesday Writing about Writing – The Zone

Time to get a new feature going on here at Write or Else! Every Wednesday, I’m going to put up a writing prompt, much like One Minute Writer and similar sites. I’m planning for these prompts to ask about your writing process, thoughts on writing, and other aspects of the craft.

While I encourage participants to at least spellcheck, don’t worry too much about grammar and sentence flow. Write whatever comes to mind. I recommend around 5 to 10 minutes of writing for each of these prompts.

You can reply to these prompts on this blog site, or come on over to the Facebook page. You are more than welcome to link to your blog in your reply. If you write a response on your blog, you can link to the post in your reply here or on Facebook. I will post my own reply both here and on the Facebook page.

Today’s topic is The Zone.

The Zone is that wonderful time and place when the story just pours out of you, when it takes on a mind of its own. How does it feel when you are in The Zone? Can you get there easily, or is there something special you do to get there?

One comment on “Wednesday Writing about Writing – The Zone

  1. TCC Edwards says:

    To really find the Zone, I usually need silence. I don’t want to hear anything but the clacking of my keyboard. I can’t be too full – I have to be just a little hungry, so I find it best to write before breakfast or just before lunch. I can get in the Zone easily by reading some prompts from around the internet.

    When a prompt strikes a chord within me, it’s like there’s another mind inside mine, trying to get out. My fingers try to keep up with its rapid outpouring of words. I slip into a near trance, and my senses become dulled – I really only take in the computer screen and the keyboard. Even if things get noisy around me, I’ll be slow to snap out. Even when my time is up and I really should be getting to class, I still want to stay with my keyboard.

    When I hit the Zone, I probably have a big stupid grin across my face. It’s a state of happiness and zen calm. I’ve even tried getting into the Zone just as a sort of meditation, to see if writing can have some of the same benefits. I think it can – sometimes, at least!

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