I will reply to those who’ve commented so far on Every Day Fiction. I do want to see your websites and your writing, and take in your feedback.

I removed the contest – that was not a good idea. Personal attention to each person who took the time to offer feedback is a far, far, far, far better way of doing things.

I need just a bit more time to rethink a few things, first.

2 comments on “Welcome

  1. Sarah Crysl Akhtar says:


    Sarah Crysl Akhtar
    •3 hours ago

    The concept is wonderful. But the air seeped out of it, line by line, for me. Why would the entity that has terrified all of us at one time or another–from the beginning of time–just pack up its cards and go home, basically? I think there’s a lot that could have been done with this–and I’d want to know more about that valiant little Valerie–and I really wish the creepiness had been allowed to grow and grow.
    I’ll surely want to read more of your work. But for now–three stars.

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