Welcome v2.0

I’m taking this blog back to my original concept – that of reviewing published flash fiction and figuring out why it works & how it could be improved.

I still want to share and respond to prompts I find on the internet. I had this idea of constantly revisiting the work I produce from such prompts, and talking about what revisions could make it better. This would be in keeping with the theme of review & critique, and looking at how a writer can improve by doing it regularly.

I took down pages that talked about my “muse”. I don’t get to talk like I’m an artist or something. I need a lot more practice, and a lot more published work before I get to talk like that. And even then, I shouldn’t.

I’ll keep the painting on my side widget though – I still kind of like it. I want to get a real artist to draw me a stylized take on it that changes the lyrical poet to a modern fiction writer, with his muse watching over him. If you’re a graphic designer or artist who can do that, drop me a private line with your price.

The contest idea for feedback was dumb. Not happening. It’s bad of me to announce that and then backpedal, but it’d be even worse to keep it up as a testament to my dumbness. I’ll look for the blogs & works of people who commented on Fierce, and I’ll write up some features based on what I find. I’m still doing the “Thank you” page for everyone who commented, and I will include acknowledgements in the eBook.

Links to the eBook are gone for now. I’ll put it up again when there’s some decent content on this blog and more people who appreciate this site.

I’m keeping the stuff I wrote for the prompts earlier. Yes, even Snow Day, Old Geezer’s Word, the “poetry”, and other not-so-good stuff. These works will come up for revision, and I will talk about changes I make to them. That way, we might just get something useful out of them.

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