Blogging from A-Z – Evil Spirits, Daemons, and other Fell Things from Beyond!

 I know what I want to do for the April 2014 Blogging from A to Z challenge: Evil Spirits!


I’ll write a super short blurb on each of these nasty spirits, each day except Sunday. I will try to restrict myself to mythological nasties that would likely appear in a spiritual form – we’ll see how well I can keep to that rule through all 26 letters. This is my little research project too – I could find some use for these nasties in my fiction.

This series starts on April 1st! Watch the shadows carefully…



Left image – Abiku by Sexforcigaretts on DeviantArt

Center image – Barghest – Bigger and Badder by Mejin on DeviantArt

Right image – Aztec Cihuateotl figure from Wikimedia Commons