#atozchallenge: A is for Abiku, seeking your kids

This pleasant looking fellow is the Abiku.

The word is from Yoruba, and can mean either a hungry, evil spirit who comes to collect a young child’s soul, or the displaced soul of a prepubescent child after his or her death. You might be able to ward them off by leaving them some food, ringing bells, or rubbing pepper into any open wounds your child has.

Probably best to keep a close eye on your kids, especially in the dark forests of Western Africa…


Artwork – Abiku by Sexforcigaretts

Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities





5 comments on “#atozchallenge: A is for Abiku, seeking your kids

  1. birgit says:

    Now that does not sound nice but I think some teenage children might be possessed by this already:) I know no possessing, just taking their souls-ick

  2. Beth Camp says:

    Beautiful, compelling image. Some of the scariest African masks I’ve seen have smiles — with teeth.

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