#atozchallenge – G is for Gwyllion, causing mayhem and mischief


They mislead unwary travelers in Wales.

Appearing as ugly hags in four-pointed hats, Gwyllion are spirits who revel in causing mischief for those wandering in the mountains of Wales. If you are lucky, they may simply watch with their frightening eyes, following you just to give you a scare. Do not accept any offers of help if you are lost, for these ladies will only ensure that you stay lost. You will know they mean harm when they cry out “Wb!” in their disturbing laughter.

On rare occasions, a Gwyll may enter your home. Treat her well, and she may do no harm.

When on the road, it is wise to always carry a knife, for a flash of a blade is often enough to send them away. Otherwise, you may find yourself a victim of the mayhem and mischief of the Gwyllion.


Image: Illustration by Larry MacDougall