So, why “Evil Spirits”?

What an eclectic little blog.

I started off wanting to write about writing and do reviews of flash fiction, and somehow I’m researching about evil spirits for this year’s A-to-Z Blogging challenge!

It’s my novel, you see. That novel, the one in my head and various stages of non-completion for years and years. I have a draft of it done from NaNoWriMo, and one of the (many) problems with that draft is that I don’t know enough about the setting for my own fantasy novel to write it properly. That’s where this month’s Evil Spirits theme comes in – the world of this novel is populated by spirits both good and evil, and my main character is one of a few who can see them and converse with them. Like I hinted last Wednesday, this research is really helping me paint the dangers that lurk in the shadows for my characters.

Next year, I want to try something a little more obviously related to writing, but I can’t say I regret my choice this year – it really has provided a lot of good material I can work from. Also, it’s just really, really cool.


#atozchallenge – H is for Harionago, with wicked, barbed hair

The beautiful terror of Ehime.

A hari-onago is a Japanese ghoul, an apparition of beauty on the island of Shikoku. She stalks about at night, seeking young men to feed upon. When she finds a suitable victim, she laughs, her power enticing him to join in. If he succumbs and laughs with her, she lashes out with her long, barbed hair. Her victims quickly find themselves brutally mutilated in the tangles of her black locks.

Few stories tell of men escaping her laughter, but quick and nimble feet and a nearby door to shut on her might just save you from doom.


Also check out this cool flash fiction from a previous A-to-Z: H is for Harionago, by Kaye Draper