#atozchallenge – I is for Incubus, coming in the night

(Pun in the title fully intended…)

I decided I’d allow myself at least one widely-known entity in the A-to-Z challenge. There are, of course, many sex demons in many cultures – this will focus on the Christian traditions of the incubus.

He preys upon young maidens as they sleep, unaware.

He takes his victims in the dark of night, doing his fell deed before they can awaken. In rare cases, an incubus might use intercourse as a means for possessing a woman, but more often he wants to sow his seed within her. Merlin, the most famous wizard of all, was said to be the result of such a union.

Some tales tell of incubi as shapeshifters, switching from their female counterparts, the succubi, after collecting seeds from sleeping men. To the victim, such details would hardly matter. A night with an incubus or succubus leaves one drained of health and life energy – repeated visits would likely result in death.


Image – Incubus on Wikimedia Commons