#atozchallenge – J is for the Jumbee Ole Higue, shedding her skin

She sheds her skin, blazing to her victims in a ball of flame.

The jumbee are the evil spirits of the Caribbean and the West Indies. Most notorious among them is the Ole Higue, an evil hag. During day, she’s just an old lady who keeps to herself in the villages of Guyana. At night, she removes her skin, taking to the skies as a ball of flame. Seeking helpless victims, she creeps into houses through cracks and keyholes. Like a vampire, blood is the sustenance she seeks, and her favorite victims are children and babies.

You may be able to stop her if you leave your key in your lock – some lucky folk have even managed to crush these spirits with keys, just as the Ole Higue entered the keyhole. A much harder way is to find her hidden skin and stuff it with hot peppers.

Perhaps, if you simply leave your key in your lock and keep close watch over your young, you can avoid the cruelty of these jumbee hags.


Image – Sketch of an Ole-Higue, Unknown Artist.






3 comments on “#atozchallenge – J is for the Jumbee Ole Higue, shedding her skin

  1. Birgit says:

    Old Hags, in general, seem to be a good thing to avoid-ick! these old gals are awful

  2. Very interesting. Glad I happened onto your site via the A to Z. I am a subscriber now. Old hags make for good stories.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  3. hmblanc says:

    Very interesting. In Trinidad they are called Soucouyant or Loogaroo and you can distract them by throwing rice on the floor (apparently they are a bit OCD or something and will stop to count the grains, or some-such-thing). You can also put salt on their skins so they can’t put it back on. Great post!

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