Review – Eight Months Left by Katrina S. Forest

Today’s flash review is Eight Months Left by Katrina S. Forest

A cool concept and world in one story.

I chose this story for this week’s flash review because of the example of world-building it presents. By its nature, flash doesn’t seem to leave itself open to complex, nuanced world-building. As this story shows, however, an author can hint at a complexity and nuance by selecting a few basic rules to showcase and involve in the story.

I also found myself drawn into the main character’s plight – she’s got either eight months, or until some police officer overreacts with the tag device. The police officer’s fascination really showed her own internal dilemma – she wants to do her job, but she also wants these currently harmless sentient beings to be free. I found I got a good sense of the characters, and I liked both of them a lot.

The only criticism I can offer is that it does seem kind of abrupt. The police officer makes her decision quickly, and it’s not clear to me why she has Aria run off, instead of just pretending she never saw either Aria or the MC. I understand that flash doesn’t leave much time for such explanations, but I felt that some extra line of dialogue or narration might have helped.

Great story overall – I gave it 4 / 5 stars.


#atozchallenge – L is for Lady Midday, striking at noon


She seeks you in the heat of noon.

Slavic legends tell of Lady Midday, under various names such as Pscipolnista, Poludnica, or Polednice. This lady’s M.O. was to appear to workers during the hottest time of the day as a young girl, an old hag, or a beautiful woman. As the demoness of sunstroke, she had a nasty habit of inflicting madness and exhaustion. She also liked to get people talking, asking difficult questions in apparently harmless conversation… apparently being the operative word here. Should you fail to answer her questions, or try to change the subject, she lops off your head with her scythe!


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