#atozchallenge – L is for Lady Midday, striking at noon


She seeks you in the heat of noon.

Slavic legends tell of Lady Midday, under various names such as Pscipolnista, Poludnica, or Polednice. This lady’s M.O. was to appear to workers during the hottest time of the day as a young girl, an old hag, or a beautiful woman. As the demoness of sunstroke, she had a nasty habit of inflicting madness and exhaustion. She also liked to get people talking, asking difficult questions in apparently harmless conversation… apparently being the operative word here. Should you fail to answer her questions, or try to change the subject, she lops off your head with her scythe!


Image from http://ja.gram.pl/blog_wpis.asp?id=660183&n=139




4 comments on “#atozchallenge – L is for Lady Midday, striking at noon

  1. I think I may have encountered her on more than one occasion, though I’ve still got my head!

    Untethered Realms
    Ellie Garratt

  2. birgit says:

    A lot of mean women-we get a bad wrap:) I wouldn’t want to meet her though

  3. ros77uk says:

    Fascinating stuff!

    My blog is at GenWestUK

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