#atozchallenge – M is for Mara, the original nightmare

She rides your chest as you sleep, darkening your dreams.

The mara are wraiths who brought terrible dreams across the Scandinavian and Germanic lands. They came into bedrooms through keyholes and the cracks under doors to sit upon the chest of a sleeper. If you end up with one of these spirit-ladies on your chest, your dreams will be haunted by their twisted darkness. Sleep on your side if you can – you don’t want a mara finding your chest tonight.


Image – The Nightmare by John Henry Fuseli on Wikimedia Commons




3 comments on “#atozchallenge – M is for Mara, the original nightmare

  1. Creepy thing. *shudders*

  2. birgit says:

    I love this art piece and I saw this at the Detroit Art Museum(I believe it is there). Both my hubby and my friend have experienced waking up and finding a dark presence on top of them and they felt they could not breathe and then it was gone. Very strange! My hubby is not one to believe in the ghostly things yet he did experience this and knows he was awake

  3. Luna says:

    Hi TCC.
    Happy to have found you through Poui Season’s link. I love your theme! I remember researching the Mara once, when I was writing a story about a boy who felt that he was weighted down while he slept. I will be checking back through your posts to catch up on what I’ve missed.

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