Reblog: How to Write a Killer Character by Ditrie Sanchez

Another reblog for my Wednesday content – but hey, it’s a good reblog. This one gives some great tips about character creation. I’ll try to use this with my students in the writing course I’m teaching in September.

This post was originally written by Ditrie Sanchez and appeared on Morgen Bailey’s Wrting Blog:

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

I’m delighted to bring you this guest blog post, today by Ditrie Sanchez:

‘How to write a killer character’ No, I’m not referring to psychopathic serial killers running on rampages through the jungle with machetes and baseball bats. I’m talking about the real deal: living, breathing characters.  For some reason, ‘How to Write a Breather Character’ didn’t have the same ring to it.

1.) Know how the brain works.  Read psychology books. Research articles online. Understanding how brains collect and disseminate information gives you a greater understanding of what it takes to build a realistic human being.

2.) You are not your character. It’s really easy to fall into the trap of creating autobiographical sketches. It can be thrilling to live vicariously through your characters. Resist the urge. Not only will it prevent your characters from all sounding the same, but it will also avoid that awkward moment when your…

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One comment on “Reblog: How to Write a Killer Character by Ditrie Sanchez

  1. dksalerni says:

    Great post. I recently had a conversation with a CP in which she realized that all her main characters were essentially her — and why that wasn’t working in her current manuscript. I agreed with her. Personally, I think she should try moving out of first person as a way to get away from herself. Even if she returned to first person later, after she’d nailed the character, it’s important to break away from that deadly #2.

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