#IWSG – One Year Running

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It’s hard to believe I’ve been running this site for over a year now. I have to admit – I don’t have a lot of posts to show for it!

What a fine balancing act – getting enough writing done, getting and giving feedback, and posting on a blog. All while I teach full time and then some!

From what I’ve read, most writers have the same issue – most author pages I see around the web do not have that many blog posts. I’m pretty sure most of those who do blog regularly must have already crossed the line I can’t reach yet – the point where writing has become most or all of their income.

I don’t have a lot to show, but I have certainly done a lot this year.

I’ve got what I think is a superior submission to Sixfold (take a moment to visit, they do good work). I’ve got work in progress that has passed through my writing club and that has come out better than anything I produced before. I’ve judged a writing contest, and I’m now helping out Holly Lisle with her new site, Readers Meet Writers (again, take a moment to visit and read what it’s all about).

How about you?

What have you done this past year? Do you feel you have posted often enough to your own blog?

3 comments on “#IWSG – One Year Running

  1. I count blogging as part of my writing, but really only for myself, not for the actual goal of finishing a current WIP, except as a practice session to keep the creative juices flowing. I have a new novel coming out soon so feeling pretty good about that! I’m going to check out your links! I follow Holly!

  2. dksalerni says:

    Since I retired from teaching in June, you’d think I’d have more time for blogging and visiting blogs. But somehow it feels like I don’t. I have mostly kept up with blogging twice a week, but my heart isn’t always in it — and sometimes I delete my whole Feedly reading list without reading any of it. The summer was particularly bad, and I felt uninspired to write anything — my WIP, blog posts, nada.

    I’m a lot busier this fall with activities. I’m driving places to make presentations and even had to stay over in a hotel twice in one week (different places). Oddly enough, this busier schedule has led to more writing, more enthusiasm, and more blogging. Busy makes happy and happy makes creativity, I guess.

  3. That sounds like a productive year to me! Congratulations on one year of blogging.

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