Where will I submit my serial fiction?


Serial Fiction Looks Like Fun!

As I write and rewrite the first 3 chapters of a story that will be released in serial, bite-size chunks, I look at where I’m going to send it. I think this is about the only way I could get a novel done – I need the constant feedback, and I need readers to see the ongoing story before the entire thing is finished.

Today’s post focuses on – where can I send this crazy idea once I have it written?

Here’s what come up in Google – the Top 5 Serial Publishers according to a blog post from 2013, and Where to Read or List Serials, last updated in January 2015.

To me, here are the most promising choices:

JukePop – Unlike a lot of places that handle serial online fiction, this one has a proper submission process. They seem to have a decent readership, and a Kickstarter-esque funding scheme for authors who get positive ratings from readers. A big downside is that their system can only pay American authors working in the US. I’ve heard that they are working on a way to handle non-Americans. Even so, it looks like a good bet for feedback as I write.

Wattpad – I’m seriously considering this. It’s all free, but with an established reader-base. Even though Wattpad is meant to handle fiction in all forms, many authors release their work serially and use the feedback to keep going. However, the lack of any review process before posting is a huge turnoff – it is hard to attract serious readers to a site where anything goes, regardless of quality,

Big World Network – I love the way this site treats serial fiction just like TV episodes. The site features a crisp, clean format that is easy to navigate. It looks like they have a community to help out with cover art, marketing, and other such tasks. They have a formal submission process, and considering they run 21 serials at once, either the rejection rate must be high or the waiting list long. It’s worth a try, though – they sell the complete works on Amazon, and produce audiobooks from them!

Of course there are many more – these 3 stand out from my personal research.

Do you know another serial fiction publisher? Have you tried this crazy thing yourself?

I’d love to hear from you!