Hey, somebody published me. How do I get the word out?


It’s an odd thing, tooting my own horn.

I’ve been reaching out to the other authors in eFiction’s July issue. Coming this Friday, I’ll be posting reviews of the works in that issue.

It’s got me thinking about how to spread the word about the publication so that more people see the work by the other authors and myself. I also want to stay modest – I know eFiction is pretty small potatoes in the vast online writing arena.

It is good, though. eFiction and it’s companion magazines seem to sell rather well, and feature authors both seasoned and new. Most stories read quickly, and are nice easy reads – and it’s this aspect which really propels an online-only publication to success.

I’ve already bugged all my real-world friends about it. Most of them won’t touch ebooks. I think some people¬†don’t consider me actually ‘published’. I’ve focused on self-publishing and online works – some¬†won’t consider me a true author until I have a crisp Random House or HarperCollins trade paperback with my name on it.

How to convince them to buy this magazine? How to get more people to give it a look?

I’ve been looking over Twitter, trying to find some hashtags I can use or groups where I can announce my publication. I’ve also signed up for Absolute Write so that I can let folks there know. I’m always looking out for more places.

How about you, readers? How do you get the word out? Any tips for newbies to shameless self-promotion?

Hope you’ll leave a comment or two.

Happy writing!