Recommended Writing Resources

A really good list of resources – I need to put together my recent finds in a list like this!


For a while, I’ve been wanting to get the best of writing resources I’ve found and share them.  I have them bookmarked on various computers, saved in different reader and feeds programs, and generally disorganized all over the place. I’m trying to find a good home for them and will be adding to this list as I filter through everything.

I’d also like to hear about experts or writing and publishing sites you have run across that you think others would benefit from reading.


Editors (read more books than the rest of us)

Behler Blog – news, advise for writers, and beagles with margaritas
Query Shark – if you want to go the legacy publishing route, a good query is a must
Pub Rants – polite rants about queries, writers, and the industry
Rachel Gardner –  wide variety of topics of interest to writers

Other Industry Professionals (giving the inside…

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