Friday Review – Gravity’s Edge Gifts by J.C. Towler

Now that I’ve spent a month reviewing stories for eFiction (as a thanks for being published by them), my reviews look at stories that stand out from my weekly readings around the internet. I choose stories based on what they can teach about the craft of writing.

I also like to review stories by people who comment on my posts or review my stories. Hint, hint.

Right, so now I turn back to Every Day Fiction and look to the flash fiction



The good:

Right away, the scene is set in great detail. The author uses strong imagery with lines like “gnarled woman with skin like old beachwood” to create a clear mental image of the setting and scenario.

I can feel the desperation of this poor guy going into this shop as a last resort, and then there’s this darkly funny kicker when the shopkeeper offers him a ‘solution’ to all of his problems.

The kicker at the end gives a nice little zing, an exclamation point at the end of an enjoyable, easy read.

The could-be-better:

As good as this story is, there are, of course a few areas for improvement. As the scene is set in the starting, we get the line ‘George Moss barely registers any of it”. Really? All that scene-setting, and it’s totally lost on the character? While such failure to notice can be used to characterize, I think it’s much better to have the setting trigger some reaction in the character. All the dream catchers around remind him of his hippie days? The incense reminds him of a girl he dated? Any reaction that tells more about where the character is coming from is better than failure to react, in my opinion.

My takeaway:

The story is well established in the first three paragraphs – I can see a character, know what his problem is, and understand in detail the setting he’s walking into. This story shows how I can quickly establish a strong foundation for a quick, meaningful story.

J.C. Towler can be found at

Gravity’s Edge Gifts was published by Every Day Fiction on August 3, 2015.

One comment on “Friday Review – Gravity’s Edge Gifts by J.C. Towler

  1. kathjoy says:

    I do quite enjoy this reviewing of a story based on it’s very first impression; the first few chapters or paragraphs. It’s not much to go by for a review but these are the most important factors. If you can’t pull a reader in or your work is sloppy, you won’t have many (if any) readers – even if your book is a masterpiece further along.

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