Far Flung is Live!


I have just posted Chapter 1 of Far Flung on Jukepop.com.

Posting this story on Jukepop allows readers to review and critique my story piece by piece, and allows me to improve as I drive this work forward.

I’ve said before that I don’t think I’d ever get a book published the traditional way. With readers and feedback before I even finish, however – I know I can do it.

So take a moment to go over to Jukepop and see the first chapter of Far Flung.

I’m planning on monthly installments, but chapters 2 and 3, at least, should be out a little sooner than that.

Still got so much else to do. I’ve got another domain reserved, and I’m building a website specifically for Far Flung. I’m also working on a completely different story for the Busan Writing Group, so we’re about to see how well I handle two stories in the works at once…

Peace out folks, and hey, stop by http://jukepop.com/home/read/9130?chapter=1, would you?

2 comments on “Far Flung is Live!

  1. kathjoy says:

    I briefly skimmed the first paragraph of the story and have decided to add it to my reading list for this months Jukepop Reading Party! I wanted to dig into stories by authors I haven’t read anything by yet on JP! There will be a mini review of it on my blog 2 weeks after! It looks good!

    Tackling multiple projects at once is tricky but it can help you come back with fresh eyes – When I work on one, then work on the other and when return to the first I tend to find more errors I might normally miss. Challenging but worth it I think! Good on you for pushing our of your comfort zone!

    • TCC Edwards says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’m finding that this serial is motivating me more than other styles of writing. I don’t think I can finish a novel the traditional way – having the feedback as I go is so essential to managing my rampant procrastination.

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