First Impressions – Flocked by Ryan Watt

Hello everyone!

It’s high time I made another content post, even if it is a short one.

As a writer on Jukepop and Inkshares, I’m discovering new works all the time as I write my own. I’ll be using posts like this one to give my first impressions of new works that I discover – like my earlier reviews, but quicker and aimed at getting readers interested in discovering new authors.

If you want your serial featured here, just send me a message. I am always looking for new reads!


Today’s First Impression — “Flocked” by Ryan Watt.

At time of writing, this story has … wait, let me check … whoa, 77 chapters! Oh, and it’s one of 3 stories maintained by this author!

In the first chapter, the reader gets an introduction to the fairytale world shared by Heroes of the Fabled Age (which may also get a First Impression writeup later on). Right from the start there’s a very fairytale  setup, with princesses, curses, and an honourable quest. We learn that Cyril, intrepid member of the Guild of Feathers, has taken the King’s challenge to resolve the strange curse on his beloved daughters. Cyril, however, is not a typical knight in armour – he has his own curse to live with.

The prose is fairly sharp – I think the writing was cared for and well-edited. From the start, I get the impression of a world that follows some of the fairytale conventions, and yet hides twists and nuances behind the familiar. There’s a clear sense of mystery – more than enough to get me interested in reading the next chapter and beyond.

Flocked will go on my Jukepop bookshelf, and I think it should be on yours too. Go check it out!



Oh yeah, Far Flung. It’s coming! I’m working on the 5th part now – I think 2 entries per month will be my comfortable output for this tale.