#IWSG February 2016 – Funding a Writing Group’s Publication


The Busan Writing Group’s Publication from 2015

The Time Has Come Again!

The Busan Writing Group is publishing another collection.

When we did this last year, it was for one simple reason – so that we could rightfully say that we were a serious writing group that published. It was a good experience, and I’m glad we did it – it’s probably the biggest reason or group has increased in membership.

However, one thing it certainly didn’t do was earn money. Okay, well, none of us expected to make much, but we had hoped to break even at least! We lost money – we paid for a 50-copy print run, and we couldn’t even sell all of those! As for the ebook edition – I think we’ve had all of one confirmed purchase…

How embarrassing!

Okay, so a lot of this is part of the nature of the beast – we are a group of amateurs, no one really knows us yet, etc. etc. But there is no way we can ask our contributors this year to pay for the privilege of being in another collection that nobody will buy.

I’m also going to make an ebook again – the writing group members all have friends and family overseas, so an ebook makes a lot of sense for easy sharing and selling. I have to admit, though – I’m less enthusiastic about formatting and arranging it this time. Getting people to buy an ebook is often harder than getting them to pay for a print copy!

So we have to fund this.

Kickstarter, Patreon, begging at local bars – we’ve considered a lot of different ideas. THe current idea involves running a special event at the same bar that hosts Words Only and other spoken word events. If we can get a crowd of people who regularly do slam poetry, comedy nights, and reading events to pay a small cover charge for a fun , night, that money could pay for a limited run of prints.

#IWSG, I’d like to know:

Have you done a group self-publication before? Do you have any ideas for funding a project like this?




Current Project – Far Flung, a Sci-Fi Serial

Yes, it will get updated soon, I swear…

2 comments on “#IWSG February 2016 – Funding a Writing Group’s Publication

  1. andysliving2 says:

    Try doing a combo benefit, include a to go or stay steak night dinner , BBQ pit and already made salad and potatoes are required, its $ per plate let’s say $15 bucks but your making $ off the plates and your getting exposure …. 😉 it worked when I ran a bar and could not freely help out everyone , its work but any bar will welcome the business , because people usually order drinks , while waiting for their plate. You can do pre order but definitely promote it a month or so ahead of time with flyers and signs … Good luck

  2. andysliving2 says:

    Do a Steak Night , to go or eat in any local bar would welcome the extra business , you can do salad a side and steak for let’s say $15 , it will not cost you but $4 a plate , you make $ and bar $ and exposure , it works and everyone is happy , promote it a month in advance with flyers and signs and boom !

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