Writing: Paying with Exposure (Reblog)

Wise words about writing for “exposure” on today’s reblog.

As I write a serial and release parts for free (at least at first), I have to agree – the exposure I’m getting is a) not that much, b) ain’t going to pay the bills, c) only helping me in very small way towards being a full-time writer.

That’s why my serial isn’t the only thing I write (and why there are long gaps between parts) – I’m always working on submissions for paying publishers as well.

Aden Ng

Any person working in the arts can tell you, the hardest thing to sell is exposure. Personally, I prefer the phrase, “You can’t eat exposure”. But that’s what many “publishers” offer, and even as recently as last week, I have been offered to ‘write for exposure’.

I’m here to give four reasons why you should never, on your worst days, accept that offer.

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