The Crew of the Tereshkova Colony Vessel Strikes Back!


How can an unarmed colony ship fight back against far superior opponents?

Holloway’s fists clenched as the Tereshkova crawled across the field of view. The image from my camera drone zoomed out, and the holoscreen display added glowing auras to each of the ships around us. Behind the Tereshkova, the shattered remains of Asar’s capture ship drifted outward like shards of glass. One of the violet spike ships turned and flew through the center of the wreckage, diving straight toward us.

“Those bots ready?” Holloway said.

“A dozen are now,” Miji said, “More will be soon.”

“Ready to hit back?”

“With pleasure.”

Chapter 8 of Far Flung is up – Continue the adventure at my other blog!


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