#IWSG March 2016 – A colouring night to fund a book!

Last month, I posted about the difficulty in funding a writing group collaboration

The cold, hard truth is this: if you want to do a group publication with your local writer’s group, you are doing so only to “legitimize” yourselves as writers who publish, and to contribute to your local culture (and there’s nothing wrong with those goals). You simply aren’t going to sell it to many outside immediate friends and family: “Oh, this book is by Such & Such Writer’s Group. Big deal, I don’t know them. I’ll buy a different book, thanks”.

But what we certainly do not want is to publish this at a loss for our writers (been there, done that).

I had one interesting suggestion for funding that I passed on to my group, that of doing a steak night or BBQ to raise money. A good idea, and maybe we should still try it! The idea that took over, however was this:


A colouring night?

Adult colouring books are trending big time now, and hey, as long as there’s alcohol involved, writers can be gathered for just about anything.

Yup. We’re having people come, pay a cover charge, and grab some colouring pages and crayons! I fully expect it to be very strange at first, but also very relaxing. This will make me sound like a hipster, but I was colouring before it was cool! It is very relaxing and great for my stress.

We’re holding the event this Thursday night in Busan. Any money we make off this is going directly into printing and distributing the paper copies, as well as producing the eventual ebook version.

For the IWSG folks visiting today – What do you think about this coloring night idea?

If you come check back on this site, I’ll update with the results!



jukepopMy teaching semester has started, but I should be able to update Far Flung soon!

2 comments on “#IWSG March 2016 – A colouring night to fund a book!

  1. What a great idea! I hope you have much success. I do zen tangles, which is a free form. I make my own patterns then color them in. It is also very relaxing.
    Mary at Play off the Page

    IWSG co-host

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