Reblog: #IWSG #AtoZChallenge Ether-wall, Force Field, Genetic Engineering, and Hive Mind

I missed my IWSG post this month! Oh no!

So I’m going to  cheat with a reblog, but for a good purpose – to give a shoutout for Alex J. Cavanaugh!

I found out that he also posted Hive Minds for the letter H in the A-to-Z Blog Challenge – along with Ether-wall, Force Field, and Genetic Engineering!

As soon as I checked out his blog, I realized where I knew him from – he’s the author of the CassaSeries, founder of the IWSG, and all-round Very Busy Writer!

So go check out his site, and cheer him on for his hard work for the writing and blogging communities!

Keep at with the A-to-Z, fellow bloggers!



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