#AtoZChallenge – Jumpgates

Time for J in my Sci-Fi themed A-to-Z Challenge!

Jump Drives have the clearest connection to my ongoing serial fiction that I am shamelessly promoting, but that subject is covered nicely by another A-to-Z Challenger. So instead, I’ll take on a closely-related concept, jumpgates.


My first encounter with jumpgates, from the PC Game Freelancer.


Jump gates, jumpgates, or stargates, are fictional devices that can create wormholes between distant points, allowing objects to pass through. Depending on the fictional universe, jumpgates can either teleport you directly to your destination, or they may send you into hyperspace, a realm or dimension where FTL travel is possible. Many fictional universes have a network of such portals set up by some ancient, highly advanced civilization, allowing our heroes to get around the universe without having to cross all that bothersome space between the stars.


Man, if only there were some huge, extremely popular sci-fi franchise built around that idea, huh?


As I’ve said before, such faster-than-light transportation devices are entirely fictional – it is highly unlikely that such a device could actually exist. They’re damn fun to speculate over and write about, though!


In my fiction:

The Tereshkova colony vessel in Far Flung is one of several vessels used by the Ulysses Corp. to colonize Mars in the 22nd century. It was later refitted with a jump drive and tasked with carrying colonists to the Tau Ceti system.

This technology combines the ideas of jumpgates and jump drives from other fiction – ships can instantly “jump” from certain points to certain points in the universe.


More about jumpgates:




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