General Updates – Bound releases a dev update, writing progresses smoothly, Online Book Club

Just some general updates for the week of September 25 – Oct 1:

  • Bound is a mobile fiction project I’ve been following for several months now. They are developing fiction in a format that can be easily read on mobile devices while waiting in line at the airport or wherever. To say I am interested would be a huge understatement. After a long period of radio silence, Bound has emerged again into social media with this update from the devs. The post reaffirms their commitment to delivering stories in short, but meaningful segments, while providing access to cool 3d models of things that appear in the stories. Awesome stuff indeed!
  • I am writing. A lot (for me). I’m meeting my word count and getting this serial of mine fleshed out into something that ought to engage readers. I’m also researching both traditional and self-publishing options, and I’m always on the lookout for good editors and beta readers. I’ll keep updating as I get this thing done.
  • I’ll also remind readers about the Online Book Club – I posted about their review program before. They want you to read independently-published books and help beginning writers reach a larger audience. I encourage you to click and find out more about their paid review program.

That’s it for now. I hope to have some new content for this blog soon – I just have to figure out how to get it into my schedule, what with all this writing …

One comment on “General Updates – Bound releases a dev update, writing progresses smoothly, Online Book Club

  1. It’s so great you’re researching all your options and carefully considering them before making a choice. I waited for a trad pub. deal and I’m glad I did, but I understand that isn’t the best option for everyone. We each must decide what’s best for our own careers.


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