Reading Radar – Fae Child and Enemy of an Enemy

It’s that time of week again!

I’ve looked around the internet and decided on some new reads to get me through the week. Here are my choices for November 27 – December 3.

Inkshares – Fae Child by Jane-Holly Meissner


fae child

The author of this book sent out an update this week – Fae Child stands 89 orders out of the minimum 250 it needs for a basic publishing deal from Inkhares. The book follows Abbie is she is pulled into the world of Fae from her Oregon home. Meanwhile, a changeling double of Abbie appears back in the real world – a double that looks and acts almost like the real Abbie. I’ve read over the sample chapters, and I just love Meissner’s imaginative details in her descriptive prose. The dialogue is fairly crisp, and I can see great potential for this story in the YA fantasy market. I wish Meissner all the best in her campaign, and I’m certain this book is a good investment and well worth a read.


Amazon Promotion – The Enemy of an Enemy by Vincent Trigili

Oh, free books, how can I resist? I found about The Enemy of an Enemy by promotional email – at time of writing, the book is still free on Amazon Kindle. I thought I’d just click the big yellow button and scroll through the first chapter, because hey, why not? Here’s the thing – I’m still reading. It starts off as sci-fi, with the main character, Vydor, as the captain of a ship sent to investigate a secret research colony. Fantasy elements work into the story as magical forces are introduced into the plot, making the story a mash-up of genres. Unfortunately, I’m finding the writing style a bit clunky – the narrative doesn’t use contractions at all, for starters, and there are other quirks with the grammar that suggest the writer is coming at this English story from another language. I like the idea. though, and apparently there are several more books in the series. Worth a look, I think.


That’s all for this week’s edition. What are you reading now?



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Reading Radar – Human Resources and Nightlord: Sunset

Just two books on the reading list for this week, but they are two good ones!


Inkshares – Human Resources by Robert Batten

A zombie virus breaks out, but big corporations step in to save humanity – only the corporations are run by vampires (because of course they are). Humanity is saved, but kept as a subjugated food supply! With a good cast of characters and well-paced narrative. This book has already met the minimum orders for publication, so if you can support it, you will be helping Robert Batten get to 750 orders – a threshold that will net him full editing and production support from Inkshares.

Online Book Club – Nightlord: Sunset by Garon Whited

Over at Online Book Club, they choose independently published books and have their reviewers look over them. The selections are hit-and-miss, but this month’s choice looks really entertaining. the hero of the book unexpectedly becomes a vampire and is forced to live and play by the rules of the Undead. From what I’ve read so far, the writing style is amusing and well-written. I admit to nearly dismissing the book based on its premise and less-than-thrilling cover art, but the reviews were enough to get me interested. At least look at the free sample pages on Amazon – it’s worth checking out.

That’s all for this week’s edition of Reading Radar. What are you reading?

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Why I had to stop my serial and write a novel instead.


I went about writing a serial almost exactly the wrong way.

I started writing the serial for Far Flung over a year ago. I remember well why I started – I really, really needed to write and publish, and I was sick of passing my work by an unknown gatekeeper. Oh, I wasn’t afraid of rejection (okay, maybe just a little) , but I hated the whole routine of write something, submit it with fingers crossed, hear nothing for 3-4 weeks, and then get a ‘yes’ or more likely a ‘no’ with no feedback whatsoever.

I had read some great serial fiction, and decided to try it myself. I had an idea planned out, and a few chapters that I had run through my writing group. I went ahead and started with JukePop as my first main outlet, and later on made my own website dedicated to releases of my fiction.

I lost my ‘lead’ quickly.

I had 3 chapters ready before I posted my first chapter of Far Flung. I thought, somehow, that having the motivation to post regularly would get me writing new chapters quickly. I thought posting a chapter twice a month was enough. Obviously, both ideas were proven wrong.

First, simply having a serial in production can motivate, but it doesn’t change your writing speed. It definitely doesn’t help your overall quality. What I didn’t fully realize was the need to PRE-SCHEDULE. If you want to do a serial, you must must must must pre-schedule posts. From my experience, I’d say having a month or even two month’s worth of posts ready before you post the first part is ideal. The most successful serials post 2 or 3 times A WEEK, not per month. So if you are a slow writer, plan accordingly by giving yourself a HUGE leeway.

I didn’t have enough traffic to support it.

I started with JukePop because they (are supposed to) have a system for paying authors. I still can’t figure out how – I think you have to be an American in the USA. I tried running ads and placing Amazon referral links on my other website, but I just didn’t have the traffic. Even using Web Fiction Guide to promote my story and review other stories, I couldn’t bring in enough hits. Why not?

I was rushing out my writing to keep up regular posts. I was finalizing each chapter on the day I wanted to post it. Neither quantity nor quality were up to excellent standards.

So what am I going to do about it?

I’m novelizing it. I’m taking the chapters I did get out and constructing a better narrative to tie them together and bring Far Flung to life. I’m leaving what’s already out mainly so that I can show my improvement later on. I will share edited versions of the current Far Flung serial based on the improvements made for the upcoming novel. The edited serial will tie-in with the novel and hopefully help me promote and sell it.

I will do another serialized work in the future, but I will approach it more like a novella. I’ll write about 20,000 – 40,000 words before the first post even goes up, and have that much read and critiqued first. I’ll make sure that first post gets noticed on Web Fiction Guide and other sites – and I’ll have a link to buy my book at the end of each post.  Having a book ‘legitimizes’ me – I need to have a full novel out to improve my own confidence and my credibility.

It’s too bad I don’t have another chapter for the serial right now, but what’s coming will be worth the wait, I promise.


Reading Radar – Lore of the Aos Sí, The Stolen, and The Gods are Bastards

All right, it’s time again for what I’m reading & what I think you should be too!

InksharesThe Lore of the Aos Si by Christopher Lee


I preorded this book both because Christopher Lee is very active and helpful on Inkshares, and because this book looks cool. The Lore of Aos Si is about a brewing war between Man and Fae in 3002 B.C.E. At first glance, it may seem like there’s a lot of, well, lore and backstory to get through, but the narrative starts right in the action. What I’ve read so far from the previews shows me a well-paced narrative with lots of lore worked into it. I wish the best for the fundraising campaign – you can help make sure this book gets published by pre-ordering here.

JukepopThe Stolen, from The Law Unto Herself Chronicles by Jennifer L. Barnes

This is an urban fantasy that’s very popular at Jukepop, and I decided to check it out and see why. With a huge cast of characters, it can get confusing to follow, but the fast-paced dialogue keeps it moving briskly. I just started in on the first  chapters, and I’ll definitely be reading more this week.

Web SerialThe Gods are Bastards by D.D. Webb

Another serial with multiple characters to follow, and in a humorous story, too. This is labeled as a ‘Fantasy Western’, but even in the first few chapters there are hints of other genres woven into the plot. Each character sees the world in their own way, which makes the characterization stand out wonderfully. Certainly worth a shot!

That’s what’s on my “to-read” list this week!


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Read ‘Painted Blue Eyes’ over at!

As I work on my novel, I’m also sharing some of my previously published short stories.

Over the last two weeks, I posted the story Painted Blue Eyes at my other site. This story was published in June 2015 by – the issue which featured it, Vol. 06 No. 04, can be purchased on Amazon.

Go over to the two-part post on my other blog and give it a read!


Read Painted Blue Eyes for Free


Consider buying a copy of eFiction Vol. 06 No. 04, Nothing Too Familiar, or Convergence to support the author of this site.
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Reading Radar – Sanctioned, Lars Breaxface, and Abomination

Here is what I’m reading this week!

Online Serial – Sanctioned, by Chrys Kelly

I just started on this serial, and I love the writing style so far. The world-building for this superhero reality series is just great, with rich history and detail. Six characters are explored through first-person POV, so it gets a bit confusing with different “I” narrators telling their stories, but it’s pretty easy to read.

Jukepop Serial – Lars Breaxface, Werewolf in Space, by Brandon Getz

I remember seeing this before, and I  went back to it this week. It’s basically an X-rated Futurama, with spoofs of longstanding SF and fantasy tropes. The main character is fun to follow, as the writer injects humor and enthusiasm into every paragraph. Definitely worth a look!

Inkshares project – Ambomination, by Gary Whitta

One of the most successful projects on Inkshares to date, Ambomination is a mix of Historical Fantasy, SF, and Horror. I’ve been looking at the free samples available, and I’m ready to buy this. The writing style is easy to follow and descriptive, with some really great touches of chilling horror. And hey, the ebook version is only 99 cents, so how can you go wrong?

That’s what I’m reading now. How about you?

Reading Radar – Halloween on EveryDayFiction, FlashFictionOnline, and Inkshares

Naturally, my reading tastes turn toward scary stuff this week! Here’s what I’m looking at:

Every Day Fiction

It’s the site where my first foray into online fiction got published, so I like to stop by now and then. Every Halloween, I like to see what spooky stories they have up. This year’s Halloween story is Zombie Walk by Lise Colas, which is a pretty fun little tale but not as good as entries from previous years. I recommend Halloween Coming Out by Jeff Switt as an excellent example of Halloween flash fiction – it was the story for October 31, 2014. Stop by Every Day Fiction to see more Halloween and horror flash fiction released in the last week.

Flash Fiction Online

There’s been some more cool flash fiction posted up at Flash Fiction Online for Halloween this year. I shared The Monster on Her Cheek by Rebecca Roland with my writing students, along with Halloween Coming Out. Flash Fiction Online is generally very well curated, so each of the stories this issue was fun and creepy. I especially liked The Offspring by Brenda Anderson for its sheer weirdness – I can’t give anything away, so check it out!

Inkshares – A God in the Shed by JF Dubeau

This is one of the most promising horror entries on Inkshares these days. This one reached its goal and is now published! The byline says it all: “So you’ve inadvertently trapped an ancient trans-dimensional god in your backyard shed; what do you do? That’s what Venus McKenzy and her friends would like to know.” The reviews make it sound full of twists and turns, so I’m ordering it! It’s been a while since I had a good horror novel in front of me …

Anyway, that’s what I’m reading. If you live in a country that celebrates Halloween, be thankful you can enjoy the creepy costumes and parties -getting in the spirit can be pretty hard here in Korea, unless you have a good group of foreigner friends!