Reading Radar – Sanctioned, Lars Breaxface, and Abomination

Here is what I’m reading this week!

Online Serial – Sanctioned, by Chrys Kelly

I just started on this serial, and I love the writing style so far. The world-building for this superhero reality series is just great, with rich history and detail. Six characters are explored through first-person POV, so it gets a bit confusing with different “I” narrators telling their stories, but it’s pretty easy to read.

Jukepop Serial – Lars Breaxface, Werewolf in Space, by Brandon Getz

I remember seeing this before, and I  went back to it this week. It’s basically an X-rated Futurama, with spoofs of longstanding SF and fantasy tropes. The main character is fun to follow, as the writer injects humor and enthusiasm into every paragraph. Definitely worth a look!

Inkshares project – Ambomination, by Gary Whitta

One of the most successful projects on Inkshares to date, Ambomination is a mix of Historical Fantasy, SF, and Horror. I’ve been looking at the free samples available, and I’m ready to buy this. The writing style is easy to follow and descriptive, with some really great touches of chilling horror. And hey, the ebook version is only 99 cents, so how can you go wrong?

That’s what I’m reading now. How about you?

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