Reading Radar – Fae Child and Enemy of an Enemy

It’s that time of week again!

I’ve looked around the internet and decided on some new reads to get me through the week. Here are my choices for November 27 – December 3.

Inkshares – Fae Child by Jane-Holly Meissner


fae child

The author of this book sent out an update this week – Fae Child stands 89 orders out of the minimum 250 it needs for a basic publishing deal from Inkhares. The book follows Abbie is she is pulled into the world of Fae from her Oregon home. Meanwhile, a changeling double of Abbie appears back in the real world – a double that looks and acts almost like the real Abbie. I’ve read over the sample chapters, and I just love Meissner’s imaginative details in her descriptive prose. The dialogue is fairly crisp, and I can see great potential for this story in the YA fantasy market. I wish Meissner all the best in her campaign, and I’m certain this book is a good investment and well worth a read.


Amazon Promotion – The Enemy of an Enemy by Vincent Trigili

Oh, free books, how can I resist? I found about The Enemy of an Enemy by promotional email – at time of writing, the book is still free on Amazon Kindle. I thought I’d just click the big yellow button and scroll through the first chapter, because hey, why not? Here’s the thing – I’m still reading. It starts off as sci-fi, with the main character, Vydor, as the captain of a ship sent to investigate a secret research colony. Fantasy elements work into the story as magical forces are introduced into the plot, making the story a mash-up of genres. Unfortunately, I’m finding the writing style a bit clunky – the narrative doesn’t use contractions at all, for starters, and there are other quirks with the grammar that suggest the writer is coming at this English story from another language. I like the idea. though, and apparently there are several more books in the series. Worth a look, I think.


That’s all for this week’s edition. What are you reading now?



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