Reading Radar – New Meggido Rising

This week’s story comes from suggestions and review opportunities available at the Online Book Club. I read New Meggido Rising fairly quickly – it’s a short book, and it was written mostly as a setup for the Apostates series.

New Meggido Rising, by Lars Teeny

As I mentioned above, New Megiddo Rising is a prequel novel intended to set up the characters and events of the Apostates series. The story begins in an alternate version of 19th century Mexico. The Governor of Coahuila y Tejas visits a settlement headed by the preacher Brigham Wainwright. The preacher lies to the governor, assuring him that he will contact the American government and discourage illegal settlers from entering Mexican territory. He later reveals to his captain that his real plan is to overthrow the Mexican government. The story jumps ahead to the future, where people have neural implants and live in a dystopian America called New Megiddo. The main characters are: Ayane Inoguchi, who lives in a church-run orphanage; Prescott, a Prelate of the church of New Megiddo; Kate Schrubb, daughter of the President, who is next in line for the office; Inquisitor Rodrigo of the Law of Virtue Enforcement; and Evan, an “apostate” teen living in the slums of Los Angeles.

The narrative switches between these characters, building up their backstories as the stage is set for Book #1, The Apostates. As the story jumps to each new character, it seems that the reader is expected to know each one already. Character development is rushed, as each character is pushed along to the place and time they are seen in Book 1, The Apostates. This swift narrative leaves the plot a little lacking in cohesion. It is a bit difficult to develop an appreciation for the larger story as the narrative jumped between characters, despite the incredible worldbuilding and intriguing uses of technology. Even so, I thought the novel sets up an intriguing dystopia, with plenty of nice nods to Orwellian and cyperpunk tropes.


I’m off to read more for next week’s feature!



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