Exercise 2 Results – What do your characters want?

On Tuesday, I asked about the desires of your characters. I hope you think about the people in your stories and the things they both need and feel like they need.

Here are two of my characters and what they want:

#1 William Flynn, rookie newscaster:

William Flynn is a rookie newscaster who is chosen to report from a colony ship on its way to a new planet.

More than anything, he wants to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Darya Fitzgerald.

As a reporter, he wants to see history in the making and be the first to break the story.

He wants to be adored and respected among the colonists of his ship.

#2 Darren, single dad, retired superhero

Darren is a retired superhero and a single dad who is trying to leave his old life and superpowers behind.

He wants to be a good father to his daughter, Hanna.

He wants peace and calm after his glamorous life in the spotlight.

He wants a new love after being single for several years.

What do your characters want?