Writing Exercises – Setting #1 Results


On Tuesday this week, I asked:

Where did your main character grow up?

I’ll go through some of those questions for William Flynn (the character I have planned for the events of my coming Far Flung novel). I avoid naming the hometown – I might put a name to it in the story, but for now I don’t think I need one.

I ramble on, a lot – this isn’t even half of the backstory I have for Flynn’s upbringing. This should happen – once you get started on an exercise like this, you should start making connections and filling in more detail than you strictly need.

But hey, who knows what little nugget of background story might become important later, so I say, write away!

I hope you will share a little bit of what you wrote for your character’s hometown.

Here are my own musings, just to give you an idea if you’re stuck:

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