Writing Exercises for May – POV


First person? Third person? Or try something crazy like second person? Photo by N i c o l a


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Welcome to the third month of Writing Exercises!

This month, I’m looking at writing through other perspectives. Join me in exploring point of view through some simple, fun exercises.

For the first exercise, let’s write a diary!

You could write your own diary with names changed to protect private info, or you could write a diary from the point of view of a character you are working with. Whatever, as long as it’s in the first person. I did that, I said that, I ate that. Me, me, me!

I wrote a short story about parallel realities in the first person, as a series of fictional diary entries. Here’s how the first entry started:

Tuesday July 2, 2013 – The first anniversary

My mind still replays the night the drunk driver hit us.

I see headlights swirling around my head as I stumble out, rain soaking my rented tuxedo. Damn Pomp and Circumstance starts replaying in my head as I pull myself up. I thrust my hand up to block the streetlight overhead. My feet are icy blocks; I look down and find out I’m ankle-deep in a puddle. Damn potholes.

I splash through the water, back to the car. This is where my near-perfect playback messes up. I can’t even remember which door I open, which side I rush to first. Whichever one it is, red and blue lights shine in my eyes just as I get it open.

I hope you’ll share some first person, diary-style writing. See you on Thursday!

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