POV Exercise – The Late Student, Part 2

POV Flowchart

The commonly used points-of-view for fiction writing. Image from Wikispaces.


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The Late Student, Part 2

Welcome back! We’re trying out different takes on one scene to get practice writing in different points of view.

We’ll use the same prompt as last week:

A student walks into the classroom late. The student walks down the aisle and sits in an empty seat. The professor stops the lecture for a moment to watch the student. The professor tries to continue the lecture, but he forgets what he was talking about and looks a bit frustrated and annoyed.


This time, we’ll write in the third person.

Once again, the goal is to write a short scene based on the prompt. Choose a 3rd-person POV and write the story from that viewpoint. Let’s look at the different flavors of 3rd-person POVs that are used in writing:

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