The Late Student – Part 2 Results

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The Late Student Part 2 – Results

On Tuesday I went over the some of the  3rd-person POV styles that are used in fiction. For my sample result, I decided to go with 3rd-person objective:

The door opens slowly. Dr. Spencer continues the lecture as if unaware of Daniel’s entrance. Daniel holds his breath as he eases the door shut behind him. He looks furtively at Dr. Spencer as the professor continues his lecture. His eyes scan the room, and settle in the direction of an empty seat. He steps into the aisle, his footsteps barely audible as Dr. Spencer carries on. A girl with red-dyed hair looks up to Daniel as he slowly sits. She smiles as she leafs through the papers before her. She draws out copies of Dr. Spencer’s handouts and places them in front of Daniel.

“You’re a lifesaver,” Daniel whispers. Just as the words start leaving his mouth, however, Dr. Spencer hit a lull in his lecture. Daniel’s words echo throughout the now-quiet classroom.

“How nice of you to join us, Daniel,” Dr. Spencer says. His eyes turn to Daniel, and Daniel bites his lip. All students turn their eyes on him, and Daniel slouches in his seat.

“Uh, my bus was late,” Daniel says, “Won’t happen again.” Chuckles fill the room, but Dr. Spencer looks around with a deep frown, and the students end their laughter quickly.

“I’ll see you after class,” Dr. Spencer says. He turns away from Daniel and looks over his notes at the lectern. Daniel slouches even deeper as he mouths a curse under his breath.

I tried not to show direct emotions, thoughts or feelings as I wrote this objective piece. Any emotions should come about by implication from character expressions and reactions.


Join me next week when we try something just for fun – the Second Person POV!

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