A new #crowdfunding trailer arrives!

Far Flung now has a new trailer!

See it on the “About” page for the project now. It’s a really great video that I had made for me by indie trailer creator Rachel Bostwick, with music and imagery that really captures what Far Flung is all about. Give it a watch and share with your friends!

For my 13 buyers, thank you so much! When this book is finished and in the hands of readers, it will be because of you and your support.

For those who get this message but have not pre-ordered, please do so! Far Flung has enough followers that we could seriously win with one $10 pre-order from everyone who gets this updateShare this page with your friends, share the video, share recommendations, share excerpts!

When the pre-orders get to 20, I will share a new chapter.

The crew will finally meet with the mysterious Eunda race – who happen to know a few things about habitable planets suitable for humans. Is it possible they know about Earth? Find out by throwing in your support at https://www.inkshares.com/books/far-flung!

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