Building the End of the Story – my results

You can see more of these exercises here.

For some very good reasons, these posts will be shorter and not on schedule!

In the last post, I urged you to write an ending that diverges from the obvious…


The straight, expected path represents your story without any twists, nothing unexpected. The right ending, however, takes the reader off that path to a better, more meaningful ending. It doesn’t have to be a happy ending, but it does have to require the reader to pay attention every step of the way.

My results are here

But this still needs a key element, something you can NOT skip if you want to publish your story in a good outlet:

I have to get someone to read and critique. More than one person, and multiple times, whenever possible. The best way to have your story read and reviewed is to exchange with another writer. When you read someone else’s story, try to identify the parts of the story, the character desires, and the conflicts getting in the way. See if the ending provides some resolution to the main problem of the story .

I will return with my revised story later! It may take a bit – I do have a crowdfunding contest starting tomorrow!

I hope this series of exercises has proven useful in some way. I’m looking forward to working this series of posts into my fiction class for ESL students this semester!


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