Day 1 Update for Far Flung!

I’ve got an incredible update for the race to the Top 3 at Inkshares. Far Flung is in the game, and so far I have 15 supporters!


Far Flung is in the running over at The Launch Pad, and could go on to be one of the Top 25 in the Manuscript Competition. I won’t know until September 12!

People I’ve asked to critique and proofread Far Flung has thoroughly enjoyed it.

“The author has created a highly inventive world for the reader to immerse themselves into, and an adventurous story that will keep them turning pages!” – Michael Ostrowski

“Far Flung starts off on an interesting premise, where a lot of thought went into building the story and its relatable protagonist. This book is definitely something worth checking out for sci-fi junkies.” – Jeyna Grace

Find out why Far Flung made the Top 75, and help me win a Top 3 place on Inkshares!

This Inkshares contest is independent of the Launch Pad Manuscript competition, but is only open to the Top 75. Running this campaign now gives me a better chance to see a full publishing deal for Far Flung.

Help kickstart my writing career, and you’ll be helping me and my family immensely!

I’ll be running short previews of works by the authors and creators who support me! You can have your project (or your friend’s) promoted too when you help me out!

Here are the awesome people who have helped already:

Tal M. Klein  – The Punch Escrow

Brian Fitzpatrick – Mechcraft

Brian Guthrie – Rise, Fall

Elena Stofle – Inkshares Guru Extraordinaire!

Evan Graham – Tantalus Depths, Proteus

Ferd Crôtte – Mission 51

Jacqui Castle – The Walls Are Closing In

K M Cooper – Mushroom and Anchovy

Kelsey Rae Barthel –  Beyond the Code

Robert Randolph – Dark Mountain

Matthew Isaac Sobin – The Last Machine in the Solar System

Michael Haase – The Madness of Mr. Butler

Michael Welch – The Vampire and the Dragon

Robert Batten – Human Resources

Tahani Nelson – The Last Faoii


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