Inkshares Preview #1 – The Punch Escrow by Tal M. Klein


What can I say about Tal M. Klein‘s novel that hasn’t already been said?

There’s an awful lot of buzz about The Punch Escrow these days, what with a film adaptation forthcoming. Well, let’s shoot down one tagline that’s going around – this isn’t “The next Ready Player One” or whatever that quote was. There are 80’s references, aye, but it isn’t a jam-packed mess of 80’s nostalgia with a bit of a plot underneath.

No, what you get with The Punch Escrow is a funny and thoughtful exploration of one little tiny problem with teleportation. Geeks know the question – is the Captain Kirk that appears with a team of expendable redshirts on the planet surface the same one who stepped on the transporter pad? Does Kirk die every time Scotty beams him up? The Punch Escrow answers that question With Science! through the misadventures of a sarcastic hero, Joel Byram.

With a quick and fun narrative, it’s easy to get into the book and see why there’s been so much buzz. And when I say With Science! I mean it – the narrative is clearly well-researched. There’s a lot of attention to detail, but the narrative still manages to move quickly.

The Inkshares page where it all started is here, and of course you can grab it at Amazon and everywhere else!


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